This project was launched at our United Nationalities of Marbella Summit.

The aim is to get as many establishments to sign up to reward our zero heroes and promote road traffic safety by positive reinforcement.

Signing up as a business is a great way to support our community by encouraging a designated driver on a night out with friends or family.

Businesses are provided with a supply of disposable breathalysers to make sure the driver has not drunk alcohol in a fun way and then reward them with free soft drinks.

Each establishment can set their own conditions according to their own criteria with some places setting the 1 driver to 3 drinkers but many also offer this to a couple where one drinks and the other is making sure they get home safely.

This is encouraging people to go out of their local area and try other restaurants and bars, much needed to maintain all year round business within our resident community.

By signing up the businesses are featured on Marbella Now TV and on social media, giving each business incomparable exposure as well as the satisfaction of being socially responsible.

We’ve only just started this incentive and not having much help it’s hard to talk to everyone. So far it is heart-warming and encouraging to already have such a supportive business community with the following companies contacted embracing this opportunity as leaders in this incentive:

The Kempinski Bahia Hotel, Hard Rock Café, The Boardwalk, El Gaucho Banus, Kitch, Posidonia Banus, Ambrosia, La Red Chiringuito, The Harbour, The Playwright’s, Vic & Jon’s, Linekers, Babilonia Banus, Tibu Banus, to name but a few.

I’d be so grateful if other community members in the Costa del Sol could help us get more businesses on board, encouraging them to also embrace this incentive to remind us, in a nice way, that responsibility towards our community and road traffic safety go hand in hand. As this is a community effort we need the effort of the community to really get it going!

Another #UNMS incentive supported by Linea Directa to also promote road safety is their offer to policy holders to have up to 4 free taxis a month at no extra cost in an effort to stop us driving when drunk without stopping the fun of going out. Obviously when they weighed up the potential costs they realised it would cheaper to give us a free taxi a week than deal with the alternative possible consequences. We too need to assess the situation when it comes to drinking and driving and calling on a Zero Hero to take us home is a good place to start!